The Candidate’s Positions

I am passing on the following announcement from the Kaiser Family Founadtion.

Dear Interested Party:, the Kaiser Family Foundation’s health policy news and information website, introduces a new online resource that provides easy access to the candidates’ positions on critical health policy issues, as well as election-related news and analysis.

Access the Election 2004 Issue Spotlight at This is the link to the Kaiser Web Site

Features include:

— Candidate profiles, including issue statements, speeches, audio/video interviews and transcripts, news coverage, and additional resources on all major candidates.

— A searchable archive of public opinion questions on health issues related to the election.

— A reference library of election websites and publications.

— Multimedia resources, including webcasts of interviews, discussions, and debates.

— Election-related health news headlines.

A first visit to the cite shows that information of the candidate’s positions of reproductive rights issues is incomplete. But hopefully this will be remedied.

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