Article in the San Diego Union-Tribune

Sanger continues his feminist grandmother’s work

Eighty-six years ago in Coronado, the son of Margaret Sanger told his schoolyard tormenters that the world-famous feminist was not his mother.

Friday afternoon in Carlsbad, her grandson, Alexander Sanger, told a gathering of Planned Parenthood’s ardent North County supporters that the re-reading of his grandmother’s first book, “Woman and the New Race,” written during a winter vacation in Coronado, inspired him to publish his own first book on procreative freedom.

How strange, I thought.

How had I — as well as the Coronado and San Diego historical societies — failed to hear of this local link to a colossal figure who, more than any other individual in American history, advanced the reproductive health of women?

You can read the rest of the article here:

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