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From the Palm Beach Daily News:

Sanger: Pro-choice stance stale

When it comes to opinions about abortion, Americans are locked in time, according to Alex Sanger.

Sanger, chairman of the International Planned Parenthood Council and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund, told members of the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition of Florida Wednesday that pro-choice advocates must frame their arguments better to get greater public support.

“The Gallup Poll taken a couple of months ago is identical to the Gallup Poll taken in January 1975,” Sanger said during his talk at the Heart of Palm Beach Hotel.

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From the Salt Lake Tribune:

RSVP: National Ability Center, Planned Parenthood prepare for future

Reproductive rights advocate and author Alexander Sanger, grandson of Margaret Sanger whose first birth control clinic opened in 1916, provided insight about the importance of family planning to human survival — “If a mother dies in childbirth [because of medical complications], not only is the baby likely to die, but the other children in the family are at risk.”

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From the Idaho Mountain Express:

“Beyond Choice” examines morality of reproductive issues

Abortion continues to be a hot button issue on the political front, with renewed emphasis this election year.

Dismayed by the issue’s stalemate, Sanger explains in the book that advocates of pro-choice and pro-life are simply not on the same page. He says it’s crucial to shape a conversation about the morality and immorality of reproductive freedoms.

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