Recent Articles in the Press

Here are some recent stories:

“Advocate: Abortion does involve morality” by Paul Swiech in The Pantagraph

Pro-choice arguments have been ineffective for 25 years because they have been based largely on women’s rights and rights to privacy, Alex Sanger said Monday. While those are important arguments, they have allowed the pro-life side to focus on moral issues, and American public opinion on abortion hasn’t changed in 30 years, he said.

“Planned Parenthood founder: Republican Party is pro-choice” by Elaine Hopkins in The Journal Star

His grandmother’s greatest achievement, he said, was to make birth control respectable and discussed by everyone.

“We failed to do that with abortion,” he said.

The debate should be reframed, he said, and not in the way the Democratic Party has in mind. “We’ve got to be rid of the shame. We should be asking why we should have reproductive freedom.”

The answer, he said, is to put reproductive freedom in a biological context, “about wanting children, healthy babies and grandchildren,” so that all children are wanted.

“Women’s Studies seminar covers controversial topic” by Jamie Smith in The Daily Vidette

“Reproductive rights, abortion rights have been, in my view, the most intensive issue in American cultural history with the possible exception of civil rights issues,” Sanger said.

The issue of abortion has been long standing.

“It has been an issue for 200 years, it is not recent,” Sanger said.

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