The latest report we have from our Planned Parenthood in Haiti, Profamil, is that our two clinics in Port au Prince and Jacmel are, if not totally destroyed, then unusable. The staff has tried to salvage what supplies they can, but have been largely unsuccessful.

Concrete and other debris, including a tree, fell on our Finance Director, severely injuring him and, after his broken legs became infected, he was moved to a hospital outside Port au Prince and is receiving care. We do not know about the health status of our other staff.

There are 750,000 women of reproductive age in Port au Prince. At least 10,000 will need delivery services in the upcoming month. Others will be subject to rape and other sexual violence. Still others will turn to prostitution to survive. For all these women and girls, IPPF is working around the clock to make our services available.

Currently, our Planned Parenthood in the Dominican Republic, Profamilia is sending mobile health unit teams across the border into Haiti and is offering services in partnership with the UN and other agencies.

We are also establishing temporary medical facilities in our administration office, which was undamaged. In addition, we are looking into operating a facility in the tent cities for refugees.

Supplies and staff are scarce, but we are working on a pipeline from our Dominican Republic offices to get needed supplies into Haiti.

Check our website for more details on how you can contribute.


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