We must not lose heart

Today, we come together. Many of us with our loved ones and colleagues close wondering what the future holds. Many of us far away from home wondering if there is a place for us in the nation we love.

For more than 60 years, we have fought against discrimination, hate, and bigotry. And while that road has not always been easy, we have persevered. We have defied the odds and done the unthinkable.
Today, we feel how far we are from the world we imagine for ourselves, our communities, and our world. But we must heal because we have no choice. We must build on the work and dreams we have created together as a movement. We must recommit to our pledge to stand united, to continue to push for change and bring forward solutions.
Democracy requires our participation every single day. You stand by our side because you know what’s at stake. You stand by our side because you know women and girls deserve better. You stand by our side because you know the importance of making sure young people feel valued, loved, and supported to reach high. And now, we need you more than ever.



We are united, determined and strong. Dignity and equality must, and will, win. We can get there together.

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