mating, Family and kinship

Two recent studies amplify my article below on Men.

The Pew Research Center reported that 60% of young men are single, twice the rate for young women. There is in general a decline in marriage, sexuality and relationships for both genders, but men fare worse than women. For under 30s, 63% of men and 34% of women are single. Women are dating and marrying older men and each other. Men are watching social media, video games and porn. Women continue to be choosy and many men don’t make the cut, emotionally, education-wise and financially. The good news is that 30-49 years olds are the least likely group to be single.

Nic Eberstadt and Ashton Verdure of the American Enterprise Institute issued a report on China’s changing family stricture. The long-range effects of the One-Child Policy and reduced family size and son preference are leading to massive changes in the kinship system. Fewer relatives means increased pressure for state support of the elderly. As the society ages, a huge social welfare state is likely, with a depressing effect on economic growth exacerbated by fewer people of working age. The unknown is the effect of only-child, single males in the military on foreign and military policy.

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